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Hi! Me and my friends are seeing The Maine at all their UK tour dates next month and making a road trip out of it. We'll be updating this blog with all different content related to the tour, including a possible interview with the band themselves. Do you mind posting this ask publicly so that any of your followers might want to check it out? Thanks in advance :) x
So is someone else going to run the blog or is it just dead now? Because I really miss you!

Sorry, it’s dead now.  I’m not planning to delete it because a lot of people still browse through the tags, but it won’t be getting updated anymore (except to publish the occasional ask).

Here’s a good The Maine blog that I believe still gets updated regularly:

Hi :) I saw a picture that said the august 1 2023 would be an important date for the Maine... but I can't seem to figure out why... could you please tell me? :)

i can’t tell if you’re joking or not. it’s 8123 not august 1, 2023

as in “eighty one twenty three means everything to me” from we all roll along. 

and it’s the name of tim kirch’s management company

Where have you been?! You haven't update in forever!!!!! Hope all is well! :)

Sorry, I’ve basically abandoned the blog. I work full time, and I just don’t have the time or interest for it anymore.  I’m planning to keep the old posts up so people can still look through them, but I don’t have plans to update anymore

Guys could you help me out! I'm looking for a ticket to the show tomorrow at the starland ballroom!
I have a question. I'm sorry if this is bothersome. Can you ask if anyone is going to the NC date to see The Maine and Mayday Parade that lives in South Carolina? I've been wanting to see them for years. If someone could befriend me and give me a ride i would love you until the end of time. I NEED TO GO! please and thanks.
Hey, i'm just a new blog about the maine, about the fans experiences when they met the maine, can you please help me, it would mean a lot


Meara || My Heroine - The Maine

Dada dadada da da da da
Dada dadada da da da da
Dada dadada da da da da
Dada dadada da da da da

Your hips, my hands, you swing, and you dance.
I’m feeling pretty lonely baby,
So just let me in

is this blog still run by amber and ashley? :)

yes it is!


Introductions are being prepared. (Taken with Instagram at Flying blanket )


Introductions are being prepared. (Taken with Instagram at Flying blanket )

The Maine/This Century video chat


Kennedy and Pat will be video chatting with Joel and Sean of This Century and all of you this coming Thursday August 30th at 6PM BST/ 10AM PST over at

The guys will be talking about the upcoming European/UK tour that kicks off in a week and a half! Make sure to check out all the dates at


We are excited to announce the official Pre Order date for our first full length DVD “Anthem For A Dying Breed”. The DVD includes a live concert from Sao Paulo, Brazil and The Making Of: Pioneer. The DVD will also include bootleg concert footage, behind the scene concert footage and much more.

You can Pre Order the DVD and receive a FREE copy of the “Good Love” EP on September 11th. The Pre Order will be available on our new online store, more details to come!

The digital DVD will also be available on October 16th via Itunes.

- The Maine

Random thoughts in no order about the DVD + everything is probably not spelled right or proper english..


I think for us doing a documentary at this time is really
important because so many things happened leading up to the release of
this album that we have not been able to talk about in full. The
process of recording/releasing “Pioneer” had so many ups and downs and
we want everyone to hear the story directly from us. Garrett had been
following us around with his camera the entire time and we ended up
with so much footage we figured why not put it all together so we have
something to look back on when we are old.


 I think looking back at all the footage and remembering how much
of a struggle everything was has been a positive thing for us. We are
proud that we stood our ground and did what we felt was the right
thing to do regardless of what anyone else had to say about it. That
is the biggest pice of the story for me, it is not that a record label
did not agree with our songs it is that we believed in something so
much that we did not stop at any cost.


The other main feature on the DVD will be our live concert from
Sao Paulo, Brazil on the Pioneer World Tour. We are very excited for
everyone to finally be able to have a live concert to watch whenever
they want. I am also excited about people having good quality versions
of some reworked/unreleased material.


I have learned a lot about myself individually and us as a group
during this process. I think we are stronger and have a better gage on
where we see ourselves going in the future. I have never felt more
proud than when the album was finally available for our fans to hear,
and I hope they feel as proud as I do because we owe it all to them.